Frequently Asked Questions

When you will get such a request for quotation (RFQ) you just copy the text and paste it in Google Translate. One press on the button will give you the translation instantly. This might not be 100% correct, however you will for sure be able to grasp the meaning of the RFQ. MoveMatch uses a lot of separate words, short phrases and numbers that are very hard to be misunderstood.

MoveMatch is open to any company to get listed. A company will not have exclusivity. A city/region is open to a limited number of firms to get listed. This will give the end-user a choice and at the same time the listed firms a realistic chance to secure the business. Most residents will ask for multiple quotations anyway. Moves that are paid by a company often require at least 3 quotations.

MoveMatch allows you to add additional items with their specifications that are not listed e.g. office equipment and servers. Therefore it can also be used for corporate moves volume/weight calculations.

This depends on several things e.g. the number of locations that you would like to include, which locations in which countries and the current coverage.

Besides profiting from the USPs. There are many reasons to get listed:

  1. you can be found by partners and customers as your contact details, website & navigation function are shown.
  2. Only a limited number of companies will be listed by city/region. You do not want to miss this opportunity.
  3. You will be recognized as an innovative green company adopting new technologies
  4. marketing report will be provided to benefit more from you listing.
  5. discounts to MoveMatch related services e.g. the Moving Industry Report as described on this website
  6. receive credits when you persuade any company to get listed.

Please do contact us when you would like to know more about this or to have a personal (online) presentation.

  1. You are able to get qualified quote/leads with a detailed calculated volume/weight and/or supported photographs.
  2. saves time & money: You do not necessary have to visit your prospect/invite a mover in order to give/receive a very precise rate.
  3. A volume/weight calculation can be done within 8 minutes.
  4. You can adjust a survey sheet at any time e.g. when you move in the future again.
  5. transparency: it gives you instant calculated volume/weight per room in both kg/lbs or m3/ft3.
  6. You can use the survey calculation sheet for insurance purposes.
  7. customers can easily find firms and contact them directly by phone or Skype or go to their office using the navigation tool.
  8. A lot of background info about the industry is available in a few clicks.

MoveMatch will indeed omit any new product that you included and have set at zero. We will adjust the app soon, so the user can make its own permanent survey list.

A workaround solution will be for you to add any item with a ‘fake’ number that is easily recognizable as a dummy (e.g. 5 or 10). When you have finalized your survey you can then reset the dummy figures to zero, which will result in deleting them from your list. This way you will have the correct calculation.

From a user’s point of view:

Using MoveMatch prevents you to invite companies to your residence for a survey of your household goods as you can objectively calculate the volume or weight of goods in 8 minutes or send pictures of the goods that need to be moved or stored. These pictures can be used by the listed firms to calculate the volume/weight of the goods that need to be moved/stored.

From a listed firm’s point of view:

You are able to get qualified leads in contrary to general lead generation sites. With qualified leads we mean that you might get a full survey sheet from the prospect and/or photos of goods that need to be moved/stored. This way you do not have to visit the prospect. Nevertheless you are able to give a precise quote. This saves a lot of time and money for all parties.

We have not published MoveMatch for the iPad yet. However if you look in the iPhone app store you can find and download MoveMatch on your iPad. You can then increase the app size when using MoveMatch. We are currently working on MoveMatch for the iPad.

To download and use MoveMatch is totally free of charge for anybody.