Moving Industry Report

To Stay Ahead of Your Competitors

Moving industry report

  • Chapter 1 describes the migration flows showing where the biggest potential markets are
      – Countries include Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Hungary, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Poland,Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden & Switzerland
  • Chapter 2 discloses 5 innovative products & services
      – These are scarcely used in the removal industry. It also gives the return on investment
  • Chapter 3 gives suggestions how to increase the relation your partners
  • Chapter 4 provides for Europe a high level overview of the top foreign direct investors, the top countries for investments & the fastest growing industries
  • Finally chapter 5 contains tips where to find leads on companies that are likely going to expand within 3 years.

Why would you buy this report?

  • To stay ahead of your competitors
  • It is clear, concise and easy to digest
      – With the migration flows you can figure out how many % you are moving and if you are focusing on the right market(s)

      – It is already worth the value when you implement only one of the suggested new products

      – It allows you to improve relations with your partners

      – It provides a clear direction which European countries, industries and individual companies have most investment projects on which you can adjust your marketing strategy

      – It gives insight which companies to target for future (office) moves

  • Delivery format & terms
      – PDF/PPT-document to be sent by email within 5 days after the payment is received

      – Price €1,975 only excl. VAT if applicable*

* This rate applies to individual companies only and not for networks or associations