White Label App

Get your business branded Moving App!

MoveMatch White Label Services gives your moving company the ability to publish your own moving app very cost efficient.


  • With your personalized app your customers will be able to ask you for a quote while providing an accurate volume /weight estimate and even attaching pictures.
  • You do not necessary have to visit a customer in order to provide a quote as he or she can provide you all information you need. This will save you lots of time.
  • RFQ’s will be delivered directly to your email 24/7.
  • Your app with your own branding, logo and colours will allow to get you a transparent overview of the volume, room by room, with a complete list of items and it takes on average, only 8 minutes to complete.
  • Check out the tutorial of MoveMatch on below link, so you can see what your customized app could look like.
  • Your personalized App can be available for iOS and Android users within days.
  • Contact us today for more information.